VANWOLF architecten is dedicated to bespoke and highly sustainable architectural solutions in restoration and renovation.

Innovation at the forefront

VANWOLF architecten is continuously consolidating with field experts on the latest technological applications in ventilation, heating, cooling, and insulation to apply cutting edge smart systems in our projects. We value low-energy systems tailored to the needs of the building and its users, with a strong focus on products that have the lowest Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) on the market.

Bespoke architecture.

  • Reimagining the floorplan
  • Custom cabinets and kitchens
  • High-end lighting and fittings

Renovation and restoration.

Restoring and maintaining original building details is crucial for high end renovations where original detailing meets the new.

Local producers and materials.

As a rule of thumb we do not source our materials from overseas. This includes all wood, tiling, bricks, and any type of stone used.

Low temperature heating.

Floor heating with low water temperature provides your home with comfortable living while using exceptionally low amounts of energy

Heat recovery ventilation, CO2 based.

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) ensures that foul air is replaced by fresh, filtered air.

By measuring CO2 levels, the system is extremely energy efficient and quiet.

Ecological insulation.

Flax wool. The best natural insulation material on the market, with the lowest carbon footprint.

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